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Why You Should Choose Black Hawk Private Limited

Black Hawk Security Services is confident that it recruits and develops the finest employees in the business. We feel that such a program will reassure both you and Black Hawk Security Services that we actually do have the greatest clients because we believe that the most important client is the one, we already have. Our team should consist of more than just dressed-up bodies. You can be sure that Black Hawk Security only employs and trains the best employees because it will be evident in how we treat you and your property. We’ve all heard that quality matters more than quantity. We promise to make every attempt to keep you and your belongings as secure as possible.

Black Hawk Private Limited

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Black Hawk Private Limited provides security and protection services in the Maldives. Male is where the head office is located. Whatever the nature of your company and whatever your security requirements, our security team has a solution for you. Our major line of business is security service. We are pleased to declare that we are the top option in the Maldives and offer services that our customers can trust.

Our security team is made up of experts with training and expertise in this area. The security team’s members have taken care of the security at important events, schools, public and private organizations, workplaces, warehouses, and fuel storage facilities. Also, we offer a private bodyguard service. One of our first and most devoted customers ever since we started providing our services is Sony Hardware.

services of the same caliber as our security services; a crew that is professionally educated, polite, and experienced.

Our Core Values

By keeping our promises, delivering on our promises, and consistently working to provide the finest quality security services while assuring complete asset protection, we hold ourselves accountable to our clients, employees, and partners. The newest technology is integrated into our comprehensive security system, enabling us to offer the most effective and efficient service possible.


The key to our success lies with our customers. To address the demands of the client, we recognize the value of cooperating across organizational and geographic borders.


The foundation of our team members' service culture is our code of ethics and standards for conduct in the workplace. The greatest moral and ethical standards are upheld by them. Additionally, we guarantee honesty in every


We produce excellent results by respecting the evolving demands of our clients and providing a respectful, dignified work environment for our own staff.


Both this company and our field are built on innovation. We use technology breakthroughs to satisfy the unique needs of our respected clientele in the quick-paced industry of security services.

Our Service

Protection is Our Business



In accordance with established guidelines, we monitor the premises, offer security, record visitors, examine the location and alert authorities to any unexpected findings. We are skilled in providing security to the following places

We have experience in providing security services in



We offer discreet bodyguard and security services as well as executive protection services that are specifically catered to the needs of the client. When necessary, we offer the following services while they travel to domestic or foreign locations.



The secure transfer of cash from one location to another is known as cash-in-transit, or C.I.T. Yet, the services go beyond simply transporting cash and often include valuables like jewelry or even people. Transporting assets from one pertinent collection point to another pertinent delivery location is referred to as moving valuables in transit. For transportation, we use C.I.T. officers-guarded safe vehicles with secure shock sacks.



Members of the security team have taken care of VIP protection, private party security, DJ security, wedding security, private body guard security, Dhiraagu money transfer security, and President of the Maldives election security.

We are the ideal security option for corporate events, conferences, fundraising occasions, private parties, special events, and sporting occasions.



In the hospitality industry, visitors should feel safe and protected while they’re enjoying their stay at your resort. Your personnel and visitors will know that your resort is concerned about their safety and well-being if our Security Service is managing the security for your business. Our Security offers Resorts around-the-clock security and makes sure that the visitors will feel safe throughout their stay.



Security audits and surveys: Evaluate the susceptibility of sites, offices, and private dwellings. After reviewing the security measures in place and making recommendations to lessen the threats found to be either technological or human resource-related, a detailed report is submitted.


Our Standards

Staff Uniform And Staff Id Card

Our security personnel are dressed in official attire. All of our employees must adhere to our regulations and keep their uniforms neat and pressed at all times. Their outfits are pristine, and they have clean-shaven, fashionable hairstyles. The same expectations are placed on our female security officers. Our company ID card will be worn by all of our security personnel.

Recruiting Guideline

Black Hawk Security Services hires competent candidates. We are pleased to report that 99% of our workforce is Maldivian. Our employees are polite, healthy individuals on the inside and out. Before being hired by us, each employee or trainee must pass pre-employment testing and criminal background investigations. Each employee is required to take part in our training, which covers a variety of our service strategies.


The security supervisor provides our guards with a written assignment of their responsibilities and a thorough explanation of those responsibilities prior to the start of service. On the job site, specific instructions are provided regarding acceptable conduct, demeanor, appearance, communication, crowd control, customer service, general patrol tactics, incident reporting, and recordkeeping.


Depending on the needs of the client, our security staff is furnished with a flash light, raincoat, walkie-talkie, mobile phone, and surveillance equipment.

Our Guards

Summary Of Our Work


Our Policies

We are committed to finding and educating the greatest security personnel in the field. Each recruit goes through fire safety, first aid, self-defense, and other security and safety training. We want to transform our security personnel into more than just uniformed bodies. You can be sure that we only hire and train the finest, and it will show in our work for you and your property as well as in our performance.

Each member of our security team has received standing security training, and they are all required to regularly stroll about the facility while keeping an eye out for any threats. They do hourly inspections at each and every location, report any discoveries to the supervisor, and note them in the site log. They are thoroughly aware of the authorities they must notify in any emergency scenarios and are well-trained to respond in any emergency situation that may happen.

Our Management is dedicated to making sure that all hiring decisions are made in a fair, transparent, and open manner in accordance with all applicable laws. Each applicant is subjected to a criminal background check, and the validity of their credentials is verified.

No applicant will be specifically disqualified from consideration for a position based on their need, background, culture, gender, or financial situation. Jobs will be offered in accordance with competency, qualification, and passion. Our fundamental principle is to hire 99% Maldivians.

Our supervisors continuously assess performance and attendance to ensure that it complies with our clients' needs as well as the company's goals and vision. coordinating workflow and ensuring that staff members are aware of their responsibilities or assigned tasks. Monitoring employee output and giving helpful criticism and mentoring.

Only a methodical approach to oversight and accurate documentation will lead to perfection. With guidance from our Chief Security Consultant, we have set up several levels of supervision, inspection, monitoring, and recording system in Black Hawk depending on the strength of the position and the type of task needed by our customer. Every site has a log that documents each and every event that occurs there.

The supervisor's responsibility is to make sure that the guards carry out their duties effectively and remain vigilant, depending on the strength of the post and the nature of the assignment. The supervisor's responsibilities include keeping track of the post's visitor log, duty roster, and post register as well as any special instructions from the client. Also, he is in charge of reporting any incidence or occurrence.

The supervisor performs it without giving any previous notice. To stay current with the situation on the ground, the Directors and MD occasionally travel to the sensitive and important positions. Additionally, we perform this kind of supervision in reaction to a client complaint.

During night rounds, our supervisors take extra care to inspect every post to make sure the guards are alert while on duty and are not sleeping at their posts.

Being a service business, we have 24-hour monitoring systems in place within our staff.

Every six months, we hold regular training sessions with qualified professionals for both new hires and current employees to ensure that everyone has the skills required to carry out our operational and strategic plans.

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